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Friday, September 2, 2011

Bol: Movie Review (Bol Ka Bol Bala)

U32F7U7YU4MP Khuda Kay Liye Was The whole story this flashback made by Zainab (Humaima Malick) tells his life story to the press, a few minutes before being sentenced to death. Born into a conservative Muslim family, is the oldest Zainab half a dozen girls Hakim Saab (Manza Zehbai). Quest for Father's a male successor of his family is upset when a son was born, but with feminine traits. As the son (Amr Kashmir) Saifee grew up among the sisters do not know about his father's presence in the family.
Almost all the questions that emerged from the conformist characterization of father figure. And with the prospect of the film only focused on domestic issues, the director refrains from giving any political overtones to Hakim's characterization, and attributes his extremism, his Orthodox upbringing and bigoted beliefs. His fanatical philosophy make him renounce his findings from a plebeian pimp even in desperate times. You hate his chauvinistic attitude as much as you pity for his destitute condition. While he is the sole breadwinner of an expanded female-dominated family, his family physician profession losing charm and customers at a time when medical science has much evolved. So while on the one hand you hate the fact that he't allow their daughters to find employment, you will sympathize with him for having to bow to expands's requirements.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not A Love Story - Read the Review and Decide

How the hell could cause two healthy young ambitious to kill a man, cut its members into several pieces and try to dispose of her body in the dense jungle?
"It is a love story" is continuing to unravel the mystery of human nature and to take extreme measures when the edge.
This is the story of fear, and sober life changing Anusha Chawla (Mahi Gill), a small town girl with big dreams of Bollywood, stop being complicit in a horrible crime.
Actually left their mouths open.
Yes, it's normal Anusha dreams and how they can be drastically undermined within a few critical days, which is central to the compelling drama, often unpleasant, but always fascinating.
Ramu camera often is more frenzied than the mad acts of the protagonists.
The framework is used as a vicious game field to describe the turbulent Mindspace pairs of lead.
Gill and the journey of love Dobriyal desperate unthinkable crime is identified with a kind of shock that is otherwise undermined the dramatic sighs and gasps as Hindi cinema is generally used to drill the crime dramas.
Sandeep Chowta scores background overpunctuate tend to point in the earlier parts.
Zakir Hussain in places perfectly modulated performance as a cop tired, but shrewd.
But towards the end, the film builds a desperate atmosphere of a crime of passion, with excessive margins in the film's emotional graph is magically reduced and eliminated.
All the crazy camera angles to be one with the insane crime was committed by two people, before cutting his victims probably had committed only minor offenses.
The greatest folly that separates the normal life is unpredictable stuck with a brutal forcefulness.
"It is a love story" is not an easy film to watch. The crime has never looked more glamorous on the screen.
Hot suck you in the horrible act and not allow a moment of respite from the brutally camera survey that seem to permeate the mind and soul of the protagonists.
Mahi Deepak and pull out all the stops to deliver strong performance in this excellent crime thesis.And yes, run the ironic use of Varma "Rangeela" home the message subject of a dream of aspiring young stars gone wrong. You'll leave the movie with the sound of dreams crashing painful ringing in his ears.

Bodyguard - A Hit Movie Review

For three years, each has a film Eid Salman Khan has been one of the prizes of the festival. While last year we had "Dabangg" which despite its simplicity was layered on it, this year we are treated to "The Bodyguard", no patch "Dabangg." Despite this, it is enough to keep the attention of the festive crowd.
Beautiful bodyguards Singh (Salman Khan) is a good man, honest steel, which is faithful to Sartaj (Raj Babbar). Sartaj, asked to protect her precious daughterDivya(Kareena Kapoor) day and night.
Hermosa doing their jobs diligently, but without realizing he serenades Divya Chhaya under a pseudonym by phone, and have fallen in love with him. Things get out of control when Sartaj enemies trying to kill Divya while trying Bonito Sartaj think of kidnapping his daughter.
"Bodyguard", conceptually, is based on the type of stories that have been popular Imtiaz Ali - sweet stories, love soft, where the central theme of sacrificial love. But while Imtiaz Ali reveals a certain pictorial subtlety, despite the melodramatic nature of his films, means "Bodyguard" Siddique director had no such skill to pull this off.
The result is a film that is funny slapstick moments, but the problem area is the surprising twist at the end. It is a goal that does not gel with the pace of the rest of the film and appears cooked. This is especially true because the director does Siddique advance or pending before the possibility of a character to do what he does at the end.
However, it would be a problem with the urban public. With regard to rural viewers are perhaps extreme, very good and might actually work for the film. After all, there are not enough fantasy elements in the rest of the movie like when Salman to go in the opposite direction on a train, jumping a moving train in a different direction. If you can digest what you can do the same for the final.
A little more effort on the editing table have eased a lot of things.
Salman fans have much to celebrate. Not only get to see their favorite enemies role in the pulp, but also get to see his well toned torso, which ultimately revealed by water jets blast away shirt, as the wind blew meter lap Marilyn Monroe.
Receiving Rajat Rawail provides comic relief of the film not only with his antics, but fun messages on their shirts as a '6 pack Coming Soon 'stuck on his stomach fat.
Salman is his well sculpted himself and Kareena is as good as the script requires it, not much. The music is catchy, especially Himmesh Reshamiya wrote the song "I love you."

Friday, August 19, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - Review of Latest Bolywood Movie

Some of the film experience can be summarized in a few lines. Others may take longer. This may be difficult to determine. And try to give it a slot or form to another form, but a visual would take a while to do.

As a dealer money workaholic, obsessed (Hrithik Roshan), Happy-Go-research-for-his-father joker (Farhan Akhtar) and about to be married-nice-guy ( Abhay Deol) is out of the journey through the lush locationally Spain (ummm, graphics eyecandy complete and attractive), we follow suit.

Without trying to create a spectacular road blocks and U-turns during the road trip, Zoya Akhtar makes us so involved in the drama and adventure of the trio, we gradually forget the players and see the characters that 'they are so smooth and solid play.

Oh yes, ladies and take the back seat. Despite Katrina Kaif Laila, a beautiful diving instructor who teaches diving Hrithik Seoul, by a gracious space for itself in boys, we wonder how he managed to be heard in a film that celebrates the spirit of Male bonding at its best with a solid color and noise.

Oh yes, we forgot! This film is directed by boys a woman! The feminine touch is far Zoya Akhtar seen in the direction. It leaves you wondering if you treat the opposite of femininity, and misogyny that the government snob desi women is seen to follow, has disappeared while we were looking for.

ZNMD coming to adulthood of the film on several levels. It celebrates physicality and beauty of the place, and a deep connection with the character of the mind, without apology or explanation. Believe me. I looked. I could not spot even a single face unpleasant or topogrphy its entire length and breath of this beautiful film.

Yes, the surface is wonderful. But as the soul. Zoya, God bless his aesthetic, sucking us in the beauty of the moment is to give us a reason to believe the most valuable truths that life is shrouded in misery. ZNMD glorify. Underwater or in the air thousands of feet above sea level, moments of tenderness are stapled in the spirit of camaraderie warming. They just happen.

The moment when Hrithik finds love under the stars and Katrina, or when Farhan Akhtar finally meets his biological father (Naseeruddin Shah, scenic cameo convincing), or blistered a breathtaking moment of truth when, after an episode of man hugs the original episodes, we suddenly understand the friction September Hrithik, Farhan friendship ... They are the masters of silent theater Strokes have written about the impact, but an integral part of the trip, we have so readily and enthusiastically with the trio.

Technically, the film lives up to its art in his sleeve. Carlos Catalan film captures the pain and pleasure to Spain to make people want to take tourism. Yeah, the movie seems to pick up. But not the characters Find the bearings in the world, which is a parody of the beauty of nature. Publisher Subayi Anand does not cut the film. He sculpts the material forms, the jeweler will want to emulate, if only he knew how.

Each actor seeks brand was born. Hrithik stuffed-shirt you would have been almost self-parodic thing is not so sincere. Abhay Deol is a reactor defects. But it is Farhan Akhtar who steals the most part, lines and moments. It is in his element, and a sign that develops during the trip. Oh yes, he can mouth his father Javed Akhtar's poetry in the mind.

Laila Katrina Kaif is a kind of synthesis of mysticism and sincerity, we had seen for some time long ago, Leela Naidu. This film marks the coming kaif in adulthood. Kalki in a relatively short brings a kind of sarcastic affectation in the proceedings. His character may suffer ridicule. He takes in his stride.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Harry Potter - Amazing film and StunNing Review

On November 18, 2001 I began my review of the first Harry Potter Film:"It's difficult to distinguish the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone from the Harry Potter phenomenon - the astronomical budget, manufacturers'global agreement with Coca-Cola, the billions of dollars of its assets, the players'complaints of being exploited by Hollywood, the statement by the director, Chris Columbus, JK Rowling JK's novel, worthy of respect given to Shakespeare. endless opinions on its importance, ranging from the world's first customer in Brooklyn Beckham told the newspaper moralist Melanie Phillips"
A decade later, we reached the end of what today we call"path ". Rowling's seven novels have been turned into eight films that lasts about 20 hours to see (or 36 hours if you see the extra DVD), and the phenomenon is infinitely greater. A generation of readers and viewers have grown up with glasses, wand-waving wizard and saves the world from Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, and the final look of the film coincides with the birth of fourth child Beckham justified given the second name"Seven"which may well be the number of books in the sacred text that his father's former Manchester United shirt.
There is an experiment in early Deathly Hallows: Part 2 for clarification, when a goblin asks"How did you get the sword ", with reference to the Excalibur-like weapon from the bottom of a lake Deathly Hallows: Del 1."It's complicated,"answer a desperately tired, unwashed Harry, who quickly dispenses with all that can be described as a summary of previous events, so people who don't know their Horcrux by Dementors to both Muggles through.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows interrupted the fun fantasy that involves its employees who have raised the eccentric previous films, and takes his sense of mission very seriously. There are a lot of talk about the threat of imminent death, and acceptance of it, to come to terms with our own dark sides. And 'even brandishing a deadly spell, almost cheerful rendition of Manichaeism and the politics of Armageddon. Absolute evil must meet with the ugliness without character, in this case, Voldemort Ralph Fiennes s'looks like the inmates of an extreme burning, his English Patient reborn.
Last two points. First, the film is thankfully free songs, both comic and sentimental. Secondly, when this epic odyssey began, I left the question of whether Harry Potter would last as The Wizard of Oz. So my response was:"Most likely ". I 'm \ now much less secure.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Change-Up - Movie Review

The first five minutes of the Change-Up-a terrible sight to the world of baby-care end, complete with a superstructure for the most grotesque images ever captured on film face sums up the film's Bait and Switch. In most comedies, this scene would be the first step in a descent into hell that only Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Adam Sandler are able to accomplish. In Change-UpIt'sa sequence that sets the bar as low as artistic as possible, so that stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds can obliterate expectations with only fresh, shocking and hilarious comedy stylings. Simply put, Change-Up is the film sjoveste years af.
Bateman plays Dave Lockwood, a run-of-the-mill lawyer who works too hard, juggling his duties of parents and struggling to find time to tell his wife he loves. Dave's best friend, Mitch (Reynolds) could not't be more opposite of the couch all day and use their conscious hours wooing sexual partners, while stoned out of your mind. The two are polar opposites, which makes them perfect candidates for a little switcheroo spell. A particularly devastating night of alcohol and groans life's misery ends with the duo taking a leak in a magical source (use it). Fate, of course, intervene and when Dave and Mitch wake up they find themselves trapped in another body's.
There's denial Change-Up continues Freaky Friday Formula-but's a bug. The logic is already established allowing Bateman, Reynolds and director David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) The freedom to jump directly to the hook gross humor. Bateman, who's becoming a go-to man just in Hollywood, a refreshing option in the habitable Reynold \ discoveries' s Mitch. The character's lack of self-censorship will open the floodgates for Bateman to the surface some poetic words of the English language's more terrible phrases. A dictionary of slang may be necessary to understand what synonyms are part of the foreign body to be released at a rapid pace in this film. If you understand them or not, when they leave Bateman's mouth, they're invaluable.
Same goes for Reynolds, who escapes the box fast talking womanizer to play the family man nasty. To judge an actor's versatility on stage, where it's reluctantly placed in the center of one'Lorna"(read: low-budget soft-core pornography) may seem twisted, but Reynolds sells it and makes it perfect distressing. Even the obvious scenarios such as,"Uh oh, Dave's have to beat his wife to Mitch's body!"Is a twisted, two, three times to pull the rug out from under you.
The biggest surprise Change-Up is the heart of the film's. Pummeling an audience with jokes is one thing but to sell in genuine relationships becomes rewarding. The faltering friendship between the two leads is palpable knuckleheads, and keep an impossible plot device grounded, while Leslie Mann (Knocked Up, Funny People) As Dave's wife, Jamie, has its fair share of moments of tenderness (and diabolical laugh there'because a husband Judd Apatow continues to launch it). In a film that's built by the rules book to get an ending that resonates with any kind of emotion is as surprising as seeing a grown man throwing a baby next to a set of knives. Which, coincidentally, also happens in the movie.
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